oneil events corporate hospitalitlyCorporate Hospitality with O'Neil Events


At O'Neil Events, our goal is to make you look good! We provide you, first class, professionally planned and organized events so you can show your clients (and potential clients) a high-quality experience.

effortless eventing

What do you get?

Your time back! How much time do you spend now, or someone in your office spends, planning different events? Even simple dinners and outings take time to plan and set up.  The old saying is true; time is money. How do you want to spend your time? Making money or making plans? Let us be your event planners!

  • Create and send the invitation online or paper. Learn more about corporate printing here
  • Develop a custom corporate hospitality event package planning the event from pick up to drop off and everything in between
  • Detailed timeline of the event, including all contact information


Why work with us?

You are a professional in what you do, and you encourage clients to outsource and enlist the help of people who have committed their lives to a profession. Why wouldn't you do the same? We are professional event planners when it comes to all things events. We know what we are doing, and we know how to help you look good! We become an extension of you and tailor everything to your needs and objectives and an extension of your corporate consulting team.

We certainly have all of the qualities that any great planner has…we are forward thinkers, organized, pay attention to details, listen to our clients, are prompt and efficient, produce memorable events, work well with others and have a lot of experience. But what else? We create an environment that helps brings together the client and the business in an organic and authentic way.

  • We create an environment that helps brings together the client and the business in an organic and authentic way.
  • Working with us is not only a cost-saving solution but also a financially rewarding experience. Time is money and your time is better spent working for your clients than planning out an experience that we can professionally plan on your behalf.
  • We work with you to make sure the experience fits with the plan and goals of the company.
  • We take your investment seriously to ensure you and your clients are receiving a high-quality experience.

What is the process and pricing?


  1. Contact us to set up a call to discuss what you would like to have done
  2. Receive a proposal which will include the cost of the event as well as our fee altogether
  3. Sign the contract and start working with us!
  4. Get back to whatever you were doing and let us do the work for you. It's like cloning yourself!
  5. Impress your clients!

What is next?

Let's start a conversation! Reach out at any time to, to see how we can help you become more successful!