Wedding Planning Tips - Planning your Honeymoon

February 21, 2018

One overlooked wedding planning tips are to start planning your honeymoon when you begin planning your wedding. That way, you have plenty of time to prepare everything you need, and it shouldn't get to an overwhelming state. Keep reading for a step by step to prepare you for your honeymoon planning.


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Just like everything single another blog post I ever write, the first step to planning a honeymoon is to set your budget. Your budget will help you research all of the realistic options you have. No need to get your heart set on something that is out of your price range.

Pick a location

Might sound easy, but remember, different people have different ideas of what they want to do on their honeymoon. Some people envision themselves relaxing on the beach; some people want to explore new areas, some people want to be in a snowy cabin away from everyone. Think about the time of year and the weather for different types of locations as well. Once you deceive (and agree) on what kind of honeymoon you are looking to enjoy, it will make it easier to start finding the perfect location.

Make travel arrangments

Book the big items like flights and hotels and car rentals. Nailing those down will allow you to spend the rest of the time planning all of the fun things and activities you want to do. The travel arrangements are the most significant chunk of your budget, so you will also have a better idea of what fun money you have to spend while you are enjoying your honeymoon.

Get your passport

If you are traveling internationally, be sure to get your passport early. You never know what hiccups may come up so give yourself plenty of time to get everything you need together to get that passport in your hands. Also be sure to double check with the country you are traveling to, do you need shots, do you need any particular documents? Taking care of those items will decrease the amount you have to do as you get closer to your wedding and honeymoon!

Plan your activities

Start with any of your "must-do" activities. Is there a particular activity or a special dinner you want to make sure happens? If so, books those early. Again, it will help with your budget, but it will also help ensure you can do what you want to do.


Start Packing

Start making a list of things you need to bring. Do your research to make sure you are bringing the right type of clothing and accessories to ensure you are comfortable and prepared. If you start packing earlier enough, you can even find great deals on items you will need for your travels.

Be prepared

Before you leave, make sure you cross your t's, and you're i's dotted. Have someone look after your place and pets while you are gone. Be sure to have a hard copy of any of your documents and a copy of your licenses and passport. Write down all of the address and essential numbers you may need in an emergency. Better to be overly prepared for an emergency when you are out of the country.


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