Wedding Day Help - Questions to Ask your Wedding Caterer

September 07, 2017

We are here with wedding day help! This post will go into questions to ask your wedding caterer. As you start researching different wedding vendors, you may be overwhelmed and not know how to begin the wedding vendor interview process. Here we go through questions to ask your wedding caterer. Check out the blog - THE ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNING POST - to get up to speed with all of your wedding planning questions!


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Is your wedding caterer licensed?

This question should be the first, of many, questions to ask your wedding caterer. This means, have they passed all of the health codes and standards, do they carry liability insurance, and don't forget about the alcohol license! If the caterer is the one providing and serving the alcohol, make sure you drill down and ask them about their liquor liability insurance as one of the licensed questions.

What is the average price point?

Make sure the caterer you are speaking with is in your budget. There is nothing wrong with sharing your catering budget with the company you are thinking about hiring. It will be nice if they can create proposals just for you in your budget so you can realistically see what they will be able to offer.


Can you accommodate special food request?

When you are creating your list of questions to ask your wedding caterer, food request questions will be high on the priority if you all have any special needs such as gluten free, allergies, or religious food requirements. Even if only a few guest has special food requirements, it's good practice to ask if they can accommodate when just a few people have restrictions. Also, ask about kids meals options.

What about all of the "other stuff?"

When you are starting to interview caterers, make sure to communicate what you will be needing and what you will need the caterer to provide. For example, does your venue provide tables and chairs or is that something you need your caterer to provide? What about silverware and the DJ table? While it all seems overwhelming, share as much as you have with the caterer and they can be sure to personalize your proposal to include all of "other stuff."

Do they have referrals

Asking your caterer for a referral will give you a lot of information. You can even ask for a referral from a wedding they have done at your same venue. Make sure to reach out to the referral and ask them a couple of questions, maybe some honest questions you didn't want to ask the caterer directly. If you have specific concerns of your wedding day, run these by the referrals and see what they think about how the caterer handled the same situations at their wedding.

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Now that you know what questions to ask your wedding caterer put your knowledge to practice!

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