Wedding Day Help - Questions to Ask your Wedding Caterer

September 07, 2017

We are here with wedding day help! This post will go into questions to ask your wedding caterer. As you start researching different wedding vendors, you may be overwhelmed and not know how to begin the wedding vendor interview process. Here we go through questions to ask your wedding caterer. Check out the blog - THE ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNING POST - to get up to speed with all of your wedding planning questions!

First-time reader? Welcome! We are a wedding planning company and specialize in Day of Wedding Planning and Month of Wedding Coordination in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas. O'Neil's blog is the best place to become and stay educated about the wedding planning process. We post about wedding budget percentages, addressing wedding invitations, room blocks for weddings (how we can help for free), and your day of wedding timeline. We offer many free downloads such as the ultimate wedding timeline template, wedding invitation timeline, and wedding budgeting. We teach you how to plan your wedding as we specialize as your day of wedding planner.

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Save Time Finding Rooms Blocks for Weddings

January 24, 2017

As you are planning your wedding, room blocks quickly become a lingering thought in your head. As soon as you have the date picked out, guest will start to ask about hotel blocks for the wedding. You have most likely never given hotel blocks for weddings a thought, and here you are with another task that will take up more of your time.

We have partnered with Where Will They Stay? to help make your room block search an easy item to check off your to-do list. The owners of Where Will They Stay are self-professed room block fanatics and create a highly customized, no-cost service that oversees the hotel room block process on your behalf. Their job is simply to make this process as easy and efficient as possible so you can concentrate on the most important aspects of your milestone event.

BONUS: If you mention O'Neil Events in the referral box of the questionnaire, you will receive a special gift! On top of that, this quarter, anyone who puts O'Neil Events as the referral will be entered in to win an Amazon Echo!

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what should be included on wedding website?

May 10, 2016

Today, everyone has a wedding website! In fact, even as a guest, I frequently check my friend's website to make sure I have the right times and locations. But, what another type of information will your guest be looking for on the website?

Here are a few wedding website help tips that will answer, what should be included on wedding website!

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What are the wedding florist questions you should be asking?

April 14, 2016
Finding the right florist can make a big difference in your overall wedding vision. For the most part, the florist is the number one wedding vendor dealing with the decor of the space. With all of that pressure to find the right florist, what wedding florist question should you be asking?

Here are some good ones to get you started!
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