DIY Wedding Planning - Top 10 Forgotten Cost on Your Wedding Budget Breakdown

March 09, 2017

While you are going through your wedding budget breakdown, don't forget to account for some "extras" that are commonly forgotten. For example, in your invitation budget, did you account for postage? Not only postage for the invitation but what about postage for the respond card?

The list below is like having a wedding planner give you the inside scope on your wedding budget breakdown and how to account and accurately budget for your wedding.

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Wedding Budget Breakdown

Beauty treatments

It is easy to forget about beauty treatments, but it is a cost that can creep up on you! You have your hair and makeup in the budget, but what about the trials? Most hair and makeup styles charge for the hair and makeup trial. Also, manicures and pedicures should be added to the beauty budget and any other special treatments or cuts or colors you plan on doing to your hair the month of your wedding.

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Pre-wedding events 

There are many wedding events that happen the year of your engagement. There is the engagement party, the bridal shower (or showers if you're lucky!), bachelorette parties, rehearsal name a few! Add that event to the budget. You are going to want a new dress and beauty for all of the events so adding it to the budget right away will take away the sting of money spent down the line!


Postage is the number one forgotten cost! Postage! When you are picking out your invitations, remember to not only add postage for the actual invitation, but also for the response card envelope. Postage for the invitation is going to be higher than mailing a typical letter (if anyone still does that), so it is important to take the physical invitation to the post office to have them weigh it and tell you how much postage you need. Between the invitations and save the dates, postage can add up quickly, so it is important to add it right away to your invitation budget.


Even if you are getting married locally, chances are you will be spending a night or two in a hotel. Not a huge expense, but an expense that is forgotten about early on in the planning process. Many times the bride and bridesmaids get ready in a hotel suite which certainly is convenient, but also an additional expense. Adding the room to the room block can help with the cost, or better yet, ask the hotel if they will set you up with a complimentary suite if you have a certainly amount of rooms filled up. Still need help with room blocks - we can help with that...for free! Click here for more infomation

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Vendor meals

Everyone needs to eat! And the better you feed your vendors, I guarantee the better the service you get from them. Working a wedding is an incredibly long day, typically 12 to 14 hours. Many times vendors are snacking on granola bars to help keep their energy up, but if you feed your vendors actual hot meals, their productivity will double. It is worth the investment and has your caterer add vendors to meals to the proposals, so you always account for everyone.

Accessories: guest book

Wedding accessories and decor items add up quicker than anything else. It is easy to get carried away or even worst, forget to buy something, so you are left buying whatever is being offered at a higher price.  Think about what the smaller items you want at your wedding and look to purchase the things early. Don't forget the guest book, the wedding party gifts, the ring pillow and champagne glasses, and the ever growing list goes on!


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Extra hours

As you are looking over all of your vendor contracts, be sure to note the hours each vendor is working. If you have a planner (and here is why you need one), this is something they can significantly help you with. You want to be sure all of the hours are working with each other and not against each other. The band or DJs hours needs to match up with the venue hours and the photographer's hours needs to match up with the events of the day. Figuring all of the time math early, will either help you prepare to pay for extra hours or even prevent you from having to shell out even more money.

DELIVERY Fees and Taxes

While this is not a huge expense, it is an expense forgotten. Most vendors will add the delivery fee to the proposal and contract, but always double check. If there isn't a line item for the delievery fee, be sure to ask the vendor is there is any additional delivery fee. Taxes are on the same level as delivery fees. If taxes are added on, they should be added to the proposal and final invoice. If you do not see taxes mentioned anywhere, it is best to double check with the vendor.


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Backup plans

Always keep a little money in the reserves for any backup plans that may come up. For example, the week of your wedding you see the weather is forecasted to rain on your wedding. First, keep calm, but the second is to plan for the rain. Maybe go out and get a bunch of cute matching umbrellas to add a fun touch to pictures. It is a perfect solution to a problem, but remember, that solution will cost a bit of money (and rush delivery fees). Just plan to pay for something unexpected.


This is a biggie! The most frequent question I get before a wedding is how much do I tip and who do I tip? I have broken it down to a simple cheat sheet you can find here! Keep this on hand as your wedding gets closer and be sure to add a line item for tips on your budget sheet.

Weddings are expensive! There is no getting around that fact. Preparing your wedding budget breakdown, accounting for different items that will pop-up, and sticking to the budget will all help you throughout the wedding planning process.

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