Tips from Corporate Event Consultant - Top 5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

March 09, 2018

Planning a corporate event is not just about finding the right venue or getting the right sponsors, there is a lot that goes into make sure the event is a success. And it starts with just that, defining success. Keep reading to see how you can ensure a successful event!

Tips from Corporate Event Consultant -  Top 5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

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Define Success

Before you do anything to start planning your event, make sure everyone is on board with the goals. That will allow you to measure if the event was successful. For example, you may think the goal is to have 125 attendees, but your boss may think the goal is to make $12,000. So when 130 attendees show up, you feel great, job well is done, but the event only brought in $10,000, and now your boss isn't happy. Have the same goals will also help you to make the right decisions for the event to be a success! 

Know your Audience and the Event

Knowing your audience goes along the same lines as defining your goals. Your audience will dictate most of your decisions. As a corporate event consultant, knowing my client's audience is one of the first aspects I want to understand. Once I have a good understanding, I can find and produce events that I know their target market will benefit. Just like a good reporter, ask yourself who, what, where, how, when (and your free corporate event consultant tip of the day) how much. With those questions answered, you can get the location, venue, vendors, budget, sponsors, and the basics all planned and organized.

Tips from Corporate Event Consultant -  Top 5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

Invite Attendees 

Even as a corporate event consultant, somehow this is always something that needs more attention than I originally scheduled. First, you have to make sure you are creating a list of potential attendees that will help you reach your goal. Then you need to make sure you, know your audience and are invited attendees the right way that will influence the guest. It might be through formal mailed invitations, or might be more low key and through social media. You've already done the hard work of defining your audience, now put that work to use!

Create the Event Flow

Again, having the audience and goals defined will help create the flow of the event. How will attendees be treated, what goodies and meals are going to be provided? What is the goal once the attendees are in the building and what has to be done to keep them captive?

Post Event Follow-Up

If there is one corporate event consultant tip that you carry with the rest of your life, it is the importance of post-event follow-up. Debrief with both your internal co-works, but also your attendees.  It will help you achieve your goals, springboard you for your next event, and give you feedback, so you are always improving! Keep all of your notes so when you go to produce the event again, or even just a similar function, you have half of the work already done!

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