Tips from a wedding Planner - Wedding Morning Tips

October 10, 2017

The morning of your wedding, you will experience more emotions than you thought you ever had in your body. I have worked with successful businesswomen who I have seen ride the wave of emotions. No one can control the feelings! While it is essential to take in and feel all the feels, there are also a few things you can do to make sure you are also taking care of yourself and avoiding any significant problems. Keep reading below for wedding morning tips!


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Don't wear a bra while getting ready

Or if you do wear a bra, make sure you take it off a few hours before putting on your dress. Why? Because when you go to slip into your wedding dress and your mom and sister and bridesmaids are all around you excited to finally see you in the wedding dress and the photographer is up close and personal, the last thing you want to see are the indents from the bra you were wearing earlier!

Don't try anything new

The day of your wedding is not the day to try anything new. You should make sure at your makeup and hair trial you are using the products you will be using the day of your wedding. The day to find out you are allergic to false lashes shouldn't be your wedding day. The week leading up to your wedding it's best to stay away from anything new as well. No new workout or facial or even laundry detergent! You just never know. 

Be Mindful

Be mindful the day of your wedding. Enjoy all of the excitement and emotions. Don't stress about everything that isn't done or has to be done, because you made it to your wedding day; it will all be ok! Breathe and relax. Before the wedding, pick a word or phrase that will remind you to relax and enjoy!


Find the biggest water bottle you can and keep it with you while you are getting ready. Make sure you are sipping on it throughout the morning. It is also wise not to overdo the mimosas. I know it helps with the nerves, but just remember, the day is a marathon, not a sprint.


It is important also to be snaking through the morning! Excitement can get the best of you, but make sure you have something substantial in your stomach. Once you finally get down the aisle, it will be a while before you get a moment actually to eat.

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