The Wedding Invitation Etiquette Basics

June 28, 2017

Wedding invitation etiquette can be overwhelming partly because you need to differentiate wedding invitation TRENDS and wedding invitation ETIQUETTE.  The trends are ever changing with each year and generation, but the etiquette stays consistent. The information and how the information is received is the same through the generations.

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Every invitation will have the host name, the couple's name, the details, and what's next. No matter how the invitation is formatted or the colors or material used, the necessary information needs to be there. First, the person (or families) are listed first as the host. The couple may be the host of their wedding, and in which case, the host line and the couple are combined with one line. The details need to be clear and visible to the recipient. Lastly, you want to end your invitation with what is next? What is happening after the ceremony?

Here is more information on what wedding invitation wording and here are the common wording mistakes to avoid.

What is in in the Invitation Suite

There are a few items to be included with your invitations. These things are supporting information to your invitations to ensure there isn't too much information in any given place.

Your RSVP card to be formatted in a way the recipient simply needs to check "yes or no." If a meal choice has to be chosen, the RSVP card is the place the guest can pick their meal. You also want to be sure to have a pre-addressed, and stamped envelope to make it easy on your guest (and to ensure responses).

A reception card gives the details for the reception, mainly time and location. If the specific dress is required, it is indicated on the reception card. The reception card is of particular importance if the reception is to be at a different location than the ceremony.

An accommodation card is particularly useful if you have guest traveling from out of time. Be sure to indicate where you have hotel rooms blocks and how a guest can make the reservation.

While an activity card is not under the traditional wedding invitation etiquette umbrella, it is helpful for guest to know what the activities for the weekend are and it also helps make it clear who is invited to what. For example, a common trend is to have a send off brunch the day after the wedding, and those details would be on the activity card.

Here is the assembly order to mail your invitation suite.

When Do you Mail the Invitation?

Invitations should be mailed out about two months before the wedding. That means you should be ordering your invitations about three months before your wedding. Make sure to keep close attention to production times when ordering your invitations. Also, make sure your RSVP card date request is about a month before your wedding.

Does all of this seem overwhelming? Check out our easy to follow FREE wedding invitation etiquette timeline.

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Make sure to do your wedding invitation etiquette research before printed and sending your invitations. It will be the first impression your guest have of your wedding, make it a good one!