Quick Tips for Your Wedding Shuttle and Transportation Needs

April 12, 2017

You have everything planned perfectly, except how are you going to get to your wedding. And how are your guest going to get to the wedding?! We talked with one of our industry friends to get some advice on wedding shuttles and overall wedding transportation. 

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Don't Hesitate, Book Your reservation early

When it comes to transportation, especially wedding shuttle transportation, it's important to not wait until the last minute. Transportation tends to be the last thing that wedding couples have on their checklist when in reality it should be a lot higher on the list. During the busy wedding season, (April- October), vehicle availability becomes an issue. And if they are like us, many transportation companies are receiving reservations for schools, summer camps, corporate meetings, airport runs, birthday parties, prom, and yes, other weddings. Thus it becomes important to have your wedding transportation booked at least six months to a year before your special day. Making early reservations ultimately has two perks, one is that you can almost guarantee that you will be receiving the vehicle(s) that you want, two is that you have now given yourself something invaluable: peace of mind.

It becomes very frustrating for couples when they have to scramble to find transportation a month before their wedding, or even worse, transportation for the 50-100 plus guest that are attending your wedding. And I'm sure that you would not want to leave your guest (especially the out of town guest) without a reliable transportation provider to and from your wedding venue.

Speaking of transportation shopping, how do you know who to trust and why should you use one company vs the next? 

Honesty is key; there should be nothing to hide. If you ask about our rates, we can tell you what they are, if you want to view our vehicles personally, open doors and have a seat in them you can do that as well. We can also send pictures and videos of our fleet, and that's the way it should be. You are trusting a company to handle one of the most important days of your life. Thus any company that you work with should be an open book. Lastly, I would take a look at the companies fleet to ensure that the vehicles you will be using are properly insured, maintained and fairly new. You get what you pay for in life, and that spills over into the transportation business as well. So just because one companies price is significantly lower than the others you've been looking at, trust me 99% of the time, it's for a reason. Also, a lot of companies don't include gratuity in their pricing, which makes them cheaper, but in actuality, you then become responsible for tipping the driver, who otherwise would receive nothing. So before you make a decision, ask yourself, are they hiding something? And if not, then at least do your due diligence to ensure that you're not doing yourself, and your guest a huge disservice by choosing them. 

About American Limousines (and why you can trust them)

American Limousines has run successfully for more than 25 years, and I don't say that to brag as much as to get you thinking about the plethora of experiences, reservations, relationships, and services we have accumulated over such a long period. The owner of our company Gary Day, would be the first to tell you that all you have to do is take one look at out PSC (public service commission number), and you can see how the basic principals of good service and reliability are two things that, no matter what changes in this business, should stay the same.Think about this; our PSC number is 56, Maryland is currently handing out PSC numbers in the 5,800's. There are only 280 transportation companies in Maryland, so yes, the rest have come and gone. We have been able to grow, and weather any storm by falling back on our relationship with the customer. We treat each call that comes into our office, and each person that walks into our lot with respect and great service. It doesn't matter if we're making a reservation for Frankie Vallie, or for Susie Nobody we pride ourselves on treating each person with respect. If I were looking to use a transportation service or weighing my options between one or the other, I would take a hard look at how they treat their customers, no matter how complicated the reservation may be, and wedding reservations can get interesting, especially if you add in transportation for guest.

How to contact AmericanLimousines: www.amerlimo.com. Jared Laws. jared@amerlimo.com. 410-522-0400 ext 213

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