February 15, 2017

The point of your wedding invitation is to get information out to your guest! Of course, you want the invitation to be beautiful, but don't forget to add the correct information.

Wedding invitation wording can seem overwhelming at first. Here we break it down to explain what information you are relaying to your guest and how to make it fit your wedding theme.


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Before we dive into different wording options, let's get a better understand of what each line means of the invitation means. The invitation tells a bigger story than we give credit.

Here is typical wording for a wedding invitation:

Together with their families

(Indicates who is hosting the wedding)

Jackalyn Allie Smith
John Peter Jones


Request your presence at the celebrating of their marriage

(what you are being invited to do)

Saturday, October 17th, 202 at 5:00 PM 
Mayflower Hotel
Washington, DC 20015


Dinner and Dancing to Follow

(What's next!)

Black Tie Optional



Host Line

The Host line traditionally indicates who is paying for the wedding aka hosting the wedding. Since we live in a world with changing traditions, this is no different. It still can indicate who is paying for the wedding, but it's not always one person or family paying for the wedding. This line can be your discretion and can even be omitted altogether. If both parents are paying, you may have both parents listed as the host. If you are paying as a couple, maybe don't use this line at all. If you are paying but still wanted to add your parent's names, there is no rule saying you can't do so!


I feel as though the names can be listed without explication, but what if there are two brides or two grooms? Traditionally the bride's name is first and the grooms second, but that does not letter to the law. There are no real rules here. There are many ways you can list the names. For many same sex couples, alphabetically listing the names is always a great answer.


The line indicating what you are being invited to do traditionally denotes if the ceremony is religious or secular. Wording like "we request your honor" typically means it is a religious wedding and working such as "request your presence" traditionally indicates more of a secular wedding. Again, this is an ever changing world of traditions we live. It is important to understand what your words can mean to a recipient, especially to those from an older generation.


The detail section is arguably the most important second because it is telling guest where to be and when. It's best to keep this information as clear, concise and direct as possible. Detail wording isn't the time to be tricky and creative as you might be sending guest on a chase to find your wedding. There is some tradition in the details such as writing out all of the numbers. Traditionally you would not print any numbers, and everything would be written out (such as the street address and the date).

What's Next

The what's next line helps guest know what to expect after. Of course, the time of the wedding can help guest after information, but if you are having a small cocktail reception or a brunch after the wedding, it is helpful to the guest to mentally prepare, as well as help to indicate what to wear.


Attire is pretty self-explanatory. It tells guest what to wear. You do not want your guest to feel uncomfortable or out of place based on what they are wearing. It's not a great feeling to be under OR overdressed! (dressing blog link).

Here are some examples of different ways to word your wedding invitation:


wedding invitation wording oneil events wedding planner 1.jpeg


wedding invitation wording oneil events wedding planner 2.jpeg

wedding invitation wording oneil events wedding planner 3.jpegwedding invitation wording oneil events wedding planner 4.jpeg

wedding invitation wording oneil events maryland wedding planner 5.jpeg

wedding invitation wording oneil events wedding planner a.jpegwedding invitation wording informal oneil events.jpegwedding invitation wording informal oneil events wedding planner.jpeg

wedding invitation wording informal oneil events maryland wedding planner.jpeg

Here is an awesome website that will help you step through the process:

When you are ready to print the invitations, the words used during the buying process can be difficult to understand if you are buying online and not able to touch and feel everything. Here is AN EASY VOCAB SHEET to keep close by as your move around the process.

The next step is addressing the envelopes (the rules just never end do they). Here is an easy guide to help you through the addressing struggle: PRINTABLE WEDDING INVITATION TEMPLATE

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