Do's and Dont's of Planning a Company Holiday Party

December 11, 2017

Navigating through corporate holiday planning can be overwhelming. You want to make sure everyone has a good time, but also want to make sure everyone has a great time! After years of experience, and some trial and error, here are our tips for do's and dont's of planning a company holiday party.

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Make it easy for guest and don't make it mandatory

Make it easy for your guest to get there and enjoy themselves while they are there. If the party is not at work, look into some transportation options, especially if you plan on serving alcohol.

No one wants to do something they are being forced to do. No matter how great you make the party, if you are pushing employees to attend, they are not going to want to be there. It's just human nature.

Communicate Early and Often

Make sure all of the details are communicated early to allow your employees to make arrangements to attend. It is a great idea to get HR involved and have them remind every one of company policies leading up to the party. It can be a downer, but better to deal with potential issues head-on.

Provide Entertainment

Providing entertainment does not have to be an elaborate or expensive it can simply make sure there is music playing. Entertainment keeps the mood light and the pressure low. It is a great neutralizer and provides even the most awkward of guest a talking point when socializing with people they may not know or be comfortable.


Make it special

Especially if you are hosting your holiday party at the office, make sure to make it unique and festive. Get the space decorated, have a few flower arrangements. Make sure your employees do not feel as they are just walking into the conference room for some bad cake. Jazz it up!

Feed Everyone

The most important thing you can do is make sure to feed everyone! Make sure there is plenty of food and food options. Especially if you will have alcohol at your party, you want to balance any risk by adding a ton of food. Food keeps guest happy, full, entertained and at ease. If there is one thing to get right, it's the food! It solves everything!

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