July 17, 2018

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A wedding has always been an extraordinary occasion in our life. It is our life’s one of the most valuable decisions. For every crucial moment in our life, we do think twice before stepping to it. So why to rush? It’s the matter of our standards, prestige, respect and the honor to the guests. Choosing a wrong place cannot only hamper your reputation but also
can cause immense pressure and problems to you for arrangements. Don’t worry at all. Here is the 5 best steps guide which you can follow and choose the best wedding venue for your grand matrimony. Apart from that, you can get the most suitable ambience for your wedding by helping your pocket too.


Before choosing a wedding space, first and foremost is to imagine and fantasize that how your guests and honoured persons will feel when they will step in first in the place. Ultimately what matters is their feeling about the event as well as the venue. But before any step you will take, you have to visualize and subsequently plan all the pre-requisites. One of the principal issues regarding the venue is the budget. If you are in a hurry and proceed without the proper knowledge of the detailed pricing structure, then, in the long run, it can turn out to be a massacre to you. The next primary factors to be concerned about are the decorations and the foods. So, whatever you plan, try to think practically, visualize to make your event successful.


The first step to start your wedding event planner is an estimation. You need to estimate as perfect as you can. The evaluation should be regarding every item required in the ceremony. The first idea is to be how many guests are going to attend the wedding. Enlist the names and addresses as well as references of your honoured guests. From the list try to shortlist the names of the persons whose presence is certain to you. You must choose such a wedding venue which should not be too spacious or large and also not prove to be clumsy for the people. The halls and spaces should perfectly fit the numbers. The primary key for the estimation of guests is to utilize anything special or spectacular in the respective venue. For instance, suppose a place avails with a large and wonderfully decorated reception hall, then you should be able to utilize that to make the ceremony excellent. Secondly, you must try to make a clean estimation of your food. Here comes a little bit risky factor as if the number of guests surpasses the food plates, then the long-term efforts will all go into vain with a disaster. As well as if the surplus food is left then there will be some loss of money. Analysts have checked that the food plate counting should be kept slightly up than the counting of guests.


A wise man should always act according to his pocket. So, know your limit on expenditure and try to act smarter by organizing the grand event by achieving applauds that too with a happy wallet. Note down everything and make records of comparisons between plans and relative to the pricing. If one venue has some cons, then try the next one and compare both on the field of the budget. Try to analyse that which one is providing the best, that too suitable for you and at a less cost. The planning on food and decorations should always on what you can afford. It is not at all about to build a castle in the thoughts because without adequate budget nothing is going to be successful. Here providing a simple calculation tip. Always ensure to keep the decorating and catering staff on a budget of 40% or less of the subtotal. In any case, if the venue budget exceeds the amount, then the total bill will be rapidly rushed up. Remember that the catering, food and decorations are inclusive of the 40% estimation plan.


Have you ever imagined that as soon as your guests get a glimpse of a bright sparkling, heavily decorated place, how will they feel? Well, that is something you have to strive for. Creating an ideal ambience or a theme according to the guests and your taste is another key to attraction. Lighting plays a significant role in the decoration. It appears to be magical when the correct lights and decorations are combined to make the best out of the environment of the place. A new trend of an overhead mesh of low power dim lights is an excellent way to impress honoured near ones. It is an actual result of the collective ability of the decorator as well as the venue space. Know the taste which will be more likely to you as well as for them and then plan your theme accordingly. An old but royal idea to make an excellent grand entrance for the guests is to place a large glitter way path for a walk as well as for cars to enter the venue. It creates a spectacular landmark for the entrance. Glitter runners are readily available in different colors and designs.


After long patience and effort finally, you have to fix and book a wedding venue. The first factor to be considered is to think about the timing.
At what time of the year you are going to marry. Fix the site according to that only. Suppose you want to organize the ceremony in the hot months of winter, then definitely an open-air space in the continental regions is a poor choice. The maximum accommodation facility with the best suitable climate is the top combination for an enjoyable wedding. You have to be polite towards your budget too, hence try to choose among several inexpensive but beautiful wedding venues. Lastly, nothing is going to be finalized until you practically go and see your shortlisted places. Move out and try to step to at least 4-5 shortlisted venues. There is nothing more valuable than self-experiencing the ambience and aroma of the
beautiful places. Compare the pros and cons of the spaces and then finally book an excellent venue.

So, weddings are the most cherish-able memories and are very significant in every married person's life. If you are planning your wedding or someone else marriage, you need to follow these steps and get hold of the best venue.

Author Bio: Event Supply Shop is where DIY-ers, penny pinchers with a flair for high-quality, and event planners go out there and get them. We will be here for all of your event needs.Our blog helps newly-engaged couples plan the perfect future together.


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