10 Common Wedding Invitations Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

March 23, 2016

Invitations can be overwhelming, especially since most people do not have experience sending out wedding invitations. First, you have to find what invitations you like, then you have to decide what to put on it, then you have to make sure it is edited, and you are not missing any information...and the list goes on!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks when clawing your way through the invitation process.


1. Have someone read and edit the invitation before getting it printed.

It is imperative that someone else reads over your wedding invitation before you click print. Even better if it is someone who has nothing to do with your wedding. They can put themselves in your guest shoe's and ensure all the information they would need is on the invitation!

2. Don't make the invitation too busy

Make sure the invitation is clear. Of course, you want it to be beautiful, but keep in mind, the wedding invitation is how your guest will get all of your wedding information.

3. The invitation shouldn't include every single aspect of your wedding

That is what your wedding website is for, all of the additional information. You don't need to include where you are registered or what hotels your guest should book their rooms. By eliminating information that is not needed, it will also help making sure the invitation isn't too busy.

4. Make sure you ask for RSVPs way before you need them

I would suggest asking the guest to RSVP, at least, a month or month and a half before your wedding date. That will give you time to follow up with the guests who have not RSVP (there will be a good amount!) before the caterer needs the final number or seating assignments.

5. Don't forget to weigh the invitations before sending

Bring a completely assembled invitation to the post office, and have them weight it to see how much each invitation will cost to mail. From there, you can order personalized stamps with the correct amount of postage. You do not want to get 150 invitations returned to you in the mail simply because you didn't have enough postage.

6. ...And don't forget the stamp on the response envelope

Your guest will think you were cheap by not including postage on your response card, and it will greatly decrease their response time.

7. Understand invitation addressing etiquette

Addressing invitations can be tricky, but understanding how you are inviting someone makes a big difference. Check out the Addressing Wedding Invitations Cheat-Sheet blog for more addressing and wedding invitation etiquette information!

8. Avoid stick on address labels

Because gross. Either pay to get the addressed printed on the envelopes, pay for a calligrapher, or find someone with REALLY good handwriting to help you out. Avoiding stick labels go for any addresses anywhere on any wedding envelope.

9. Make sure to order extra envelopes

Mistakes happen, but make sure to be prepared. Sometimes the mistake is, something spills on the envelope, or your dog got to it, or it might have just ripped when you were assembling the invitations. Help yourself by having a few backups!

10. Don't wait too long!

The only information you need to get the invitations is the date, time, and place. Once that is all confirmed, you can start working on your invitation. The sooner, the better because everything from the printing, shipping, assembling, mailing takes time and normally more time than you think.


Check back often for more wedding invtation tips and tricks!